Attack and Defense in the Information Age 
   Paul D. Robertson email
Editor: Firewall FAQ
Founder: Personal Firewall Day
Moderator: Firewall Wizards
Technical Advisor: Algorithmic Security
Photographer: Exquisitelight

A seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of progressive experience in information technology, communications and information security. Well known and well trusted in the information security community, with a demonstrated ability to communicate with customers, users, executives and peers. Proven ability to work with counsel, law enforcement and government, as well as executives and operations personnel in the commercial sector. Demonstrated abilities for increasing efficiency in current offerings, as well as developing new offerings.

Paul was a founder of the computer forensics businesses at TruSecure and BCTS, provided technical due dilligence for venture capital investments at Gannett, connected to the Internet, provided computer, network and security services at The White House. From strategy to implementation, Paul's skills are top-shelf.


January 2005- Expect more documents soon.
January 2005- Doing some playing with BartPE, interesting tool.


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